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Leonardo Leite

Product Designer

UI Interaction UX & Visual Design


Design skills & approach

I am interested in all forms of human interactions with digital information and I mostly work designing, testing and helping the development of new products and new functionalities.

I keep my skill set balanced working in many areas, and I am always adapting to the latest tools and technologies. I have worked with Interaction Design, UI, Visual Design, UX and front end development.

My approach to user experience is user centre design based in data evidence to find and solve the problems and needs of our users combined with business goals and strategy.

I love to create Apps, POCs, MVTs, Prototypes, Wireframes, and see them tested with users remotely or in person.

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Latest companies

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C Space

Product Designer UI UX

I worked in as UI/UX contractor at C Space exploring ideas for a new banking product for TSB. We created design assets and clickable prototypes to test with the users the look and feel and desirability of the new product.

We explored new ways to borrow money, working alongside the client and the agency we created a High-Fidelity prototype.

Deliverables and Technologies: User flows, UI design, Visual design, and Prototypes in Sketch and InVision.

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Product Designer UI UX

I helped to build a state of art blockchain platform and created Prototypes, POC’s, and MVT’s to explore possible uses of the platform for customers in diverse industries that require high level of data security.

I had the opportunity to work with big companies in the private and public sectors like RFS, Ministry of Defence, BAE Systems, Atos, and others.

Deliverables and Technologies: User Research, Personas creation, User flows, UI design, Visual design, Wireframes and Prototypes in Axure, HTML, CSS, JS, Angular, bootstrap, git, Jira, slack, and others.

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Interaction Designer

Contributed with UI/UX & Interaction design for great products like Planetretail-RNG, Groundsure, Retailweek, and salesforce payment journeys and features.

At Ascential I participated in user research for new product development and rebranding. Improved user flows and UI elements and dealt with complex data visualization, dynamic reports, CMS optimization and I managed external work with agencies.

Deliverables and Technologies: Product Research, User Research, Personas, Journey Maps, Workshops, UX, UI, IA, & Visual Design, Wireframes, Prototypes, User Testing, Data analysis, Axure, Lean agile, HTML, CSS, Jira, slack, Salesforce, Zurb Foundation and others.

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UI UX Designer

Contributed with UI and UX design for and also I led the redesign of a comparison site for credit cards, loans, and mortgages.

I also worked with the innovation and new product development teams exploring new concepts and improving existing applications with new features.

Deliverables and Technologies: Personas, journey maps, UI, UX, & Visual design, Wireframes, Prototypes, User testing, A/b Tests, Data analysis, Session recorder, Axure, Angular, Agile, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jira, slack, and others.


Latest projects


Exploring new product ideas and user flows on the borrowing money landscape, I worked with the C Space agency and the TSB team.


RFS wanted a digital transformation where all internal processes would be revised and sensitive data would be saved securely on a distributed blockchain network.

Ministry of Defence

We explored ways to improve the vetting process for the MOD; Making it easier and more secure with our blockchain platform.

BAE Systems

In this project we explored Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) data being shared and worked collaboratively in a secure blockchain and DLT network.


Ascential wanted to improve the user experience (UX) and information architecture (IA) of the product and make it more interactive for users.

Planet Retail RNG

Ascential needed to make business decision after merging RGN and Planet Retail learning more about the products and users.


EMAP is a b2b publishing company with many brands under its wings they wanted to review and optimise the user experience of 15 magazines.

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UX & UI design for Experian working in multiple products and projecs including CreditExpert and CreditMatcher.

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CreditExpert, the most trusted credit report in the UK, have helped over 10 million users.
I worked in the UX team redesigning and improving the user experience.

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